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About my show

???????? Get ready to swing, jive, and dance the night away.????????

Welcome to the dazzling world of my Rock ‘n’ Roll & jive show, where the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies will transport you to the golden age of swing. As the spotlight shines you’ll be irresistibly drawn to the dance floor to Swing, Jive and stroll the night away.

Step into a bygone era of elegance and exuberance, where the music sways and the beats groove with an irresistible charm. I will do my best to have you tapping your feet and snapping your fingers in no time, as I deliver the authentic sounds of classic jive tunes, infused with modern energy.

Whether you’re an avid dancer or simply looking to revel in the magic of timeless jive music, my show promises an evening of pure delight and toe-tapping fun. So, dust off your dancing shoes and join me for a night filled with high-spirited rhythms and infectious melodies. Get ready to jive the night away! ????????????